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Before casting into TV gameshows, make sure you are indeed as good as you tink you are - Join 24/7 trivia for free and see if you can beat at least 90% of the players

There are many free online trivia games you can play in order to get better. Some of these games are versions of well know games like Trivial pursuit online or even less trivia oriented games like are you smarter than a 5th grader online game

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Game show auditions can be your ticket to fame and wealth. Quite a proposition isn’t it? Some game shows can pay big cash prizes to the winners, perhaps most famously who wants to be a millionaire which actually pays a million dollars to the winners.  And all the game show contestant has to do is answer a few trivia questions to pass the casting, and many questions more after passing the casting. Another famous one is 1 vs. 100 online game

But to get your shot, you need to get on the show, and for this you have to go through the game show auditions. Where can you find good game show auditions? What are the people who do the casting for the game shows looking for in the contestants? How do you get chosen to become a game show contestant? Schedules of game show auditions are not listed in any specific place, so we are now gathering different sources and hope to present you this information in a clear and reliable way.

Audition for long running game shows

Audition for Jeopardy - perhaps the best game show ever. they have a tough casting so don't even try it if you haven't seen you beat almost every player on web games or other internet trivia quizzes


Audition for new game shows

New GSN show, Bingo America, now accepting applications is a website that is dedicated to answering all these questions and helping whoever wants to become a millionaire, do so at the expense of a TV network.

If you want to play trivia for free online, or to play on cash and make money, try 247 trivia game, with an amazing collection of over 20,000 unique trivia questions.


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